Dance and Literature is a multidisciplinary, collaborative project established in 2015 by Dr Lynsey McCulloch of Coventry University and supported by Coventry University Seed Corn Funding. Spanning both literary studies and dance studies, it provides a forum for scholarship and practice in the growing field of dance and literature. Not only does it consider dance as an integral feature of literary culture but it examines dance as a means of translating text into movement – an interpretive process that raises questions of authorship/authority, cross-cultural communication, semantics, embodiment and the relationship between word and image. This project begins the process of theorising this emerging interdisciplinary field and harnesses the work of scholars and practitioners in its efforts to understand the effect of movement on words/words on movement.

Dr Lynsey McCulloch is a Senior Lecturer in English Literature in the School of Humanities at Coventry University, a member of Coventry University’s Centre for Dance Research (C-DaRE: http://c-dare.co.uk/ ) and an early career researcher. Her research focuses on literature, but not always for its own sake. Rather, she considers the collaborative work that literature undertakes with other media: its relationships with art, with design, with music, with dance. She has published essays on dance adaptations of Shakespeare’s works, early modern automata and Spenser’s Fairie Queene. Her first full-length book, Reinventing the Renaissance: Shakespeare and his Contemporaries in Adaptation and Performance (co-edited with Sarah Annes Brown and Robert I. Lublin, Palgrave Macmillan) was published in 2013. She is currently editing The Oxford Handbook of Shakespeare and Dance (with Brandon Shaw, forthcoming from Oxford University Press).